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We’ve added new girls to the site: Brianna and Alex. Decide for yourself, who do you want to meet first? Once you’ve decided call us on 07927479896 and book a date with your favorite new escort.


London Escorts – much better than stalking girls on facebook


So there you are, happily clicking your way around the internet. Browsing your facebook network for the best looking girls that you’ll never actually meet, typing your ex-girlfriend’s name into Google, watching a cat being microwaved on YouTube… ahh, life is good. A few more clicks and you’re watching a video of a sexy girl oiling herself up.

‘Nice’, you think to yourself. She’s not bad; in fact she’s pretty hot. Eight out of ten you decide after a few moments of serious contemplation. You check to see who posted the video – someone called ‘Top London Escorts’. Escorts? London? Hmm, now you’re intrigued.

You decide to click on the link in the profile out of curiosity. A second later and you’re looking at the London escorts site. And hey look, that girl from the video is there again! Cool. Another click. Now she looks even sexier in her photos.  Another five seconds of concentrated thought. Forget the eight; she’s been upgraded to a nine.

Then you notice a little tag on her profile. ‘Available today’. Available for what? A thorough examination of the FAQ page soon follows… Ok, now you get it! You can actually meet that girl for a date. In real life. Today. So all you need to do is call that number at the top of the screen. Will you do it? More pause for thought. A smile creeps across your face. You have the flat to yourself and no plans and the prices are pretty good considering how sexy that girl is.

A quick phone call and the receptionist tells you that the sexy escort with the tan and the perfect figure will be with you in 30 minutes. This is great. You don’t even have to go out – she’ll be driven straight to your door. You lean back in your char smirking in self satisfaction. In your dressing gown. Oh s**t! You haven’t even changed yet. You’ve got 30 minutes to get showered and ready! You jump in the bathroom in a mild state of panic but you’re still smiling. This should be an interesting night…

New girls added


We’ve added three new great girls to the site: Sasha, Roxy and Alex. Decide for yourself, who is the sexiest?


So why do our clients keep booking with us week after week?


Sometimes, when an escort is new with us she is surprised at how regularly some of our clients book with us. That could be once every couple of weeks or even every few days. So the question is, why do they keep coming back to us here at Top London Escorts? We decided to ask some of our regulars. Here’s what they said:

“Because your girls are genuine, good-looking and friendly.” M – Reading, Berkshire

“I’ve used a few escort agencies before but they weren’t reliable. I like you guys ‘cos I’ll never know when I’m in the mood [to book an escort], but when I am, I know you’ll get a nice girl to me quick.” – A.H – Hounslow, London

“The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the escorts” A.J – Egham, Surrey

“Well I suppose I don’t want to crawl through the internet looking for other places. I like that when I call up I can speak to Vinny or Glen in the office and they know exactly the kind of woman I like “ – S.G – Crawley, Sussex

“I usually only book on a Saturday night and I always ask to speak to Millie when I call the office. She’s a good chat – I keep asking her if she’ll come out to see me but she keeps saying she only answers the phone! You got to give her credit – I’ve liked every girl she’s sent me. I know I can be a bit fussy but I’ve got no complaints with the girls I’ve booked, they’re always like she described them.” P – Windsor, Surrey

One of our amazing Heathrow EscortsOne of our beautiful Heathrow EscortsOne of our stunning Heathrow Escorts


A Woman Will Be More Attracted To You If Other Women Like You


A new study at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff shows that women can increase their opinion of how attractive a man is depending on what other women around them think.

Dr Michael Dunn of the department of psychology said “In some animal species, females have been shown to be influenced by, or indeed to copy, the mating decisions of other females within that species. Our aim was to establish if such ‘mate-copying’ tendencies existed in human females.”

A study was created in which female test subjects were asked to rate the attractiveness of a male model. Sometimes the women were alone and sometimes they were with a group of other women. Unknown to the test subjects the group had been instructed to display attraction to the man by directing a flirtatious gaze at him.

Dunn says the scores for the man were much higher in the group situation compared to when a woman rated him on her own.

To see the results of this test in real life book two of our sexy escorts at the same time! See how it feels to have a woman increase how attractive she finds you when in a group situation!